What is the full form of TRIAC

TRIAC Full Form is: Triode for alternating current

  • TRIAC Category: Electricity
  • TRIAC Full Form in Hindi is: प्रत्यावर्ती धारा के लिए त्रय
  • TRIAC Full Form in Bengali is: বিকল্প কারেন্টের জন্য ট্রায়াড
  • TRIAC Full Form in Marathi is: अल्टरनेटिंग करंटसाठी ट्रायड
  • TRIAC Full Form in Tamil is: மாற்று மின்னோட்டத்திற்கான முக்கோணம்
  • TRIAC Full Form in Telegu is: ట్రయోడ్ అనేది ఆల్టర్నేటింగ్ కరెంట్

 Full Form or meaning of TRIAC in Electricity sector is: Triode for alternating current

TRIAC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of TRIAC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Technology College Initiative Educational Institute TCI
Turks and Caicos Islands Regional TCI
Technical Critical Item Space Science TCI
Test Configuration Infrastructure Softwares TCI
Transport Corporation of India Limited NSE Company Symbol TCI
Transaction Component Interface Banking TCI
Tenerife Airport Code TCI
Tag Control Information Networking TCI



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