What is the full form of PCM

PCM Full Form is: Pulse-Code Modulation

P = Pulse

C = Code 

M = Modulation

  • Category: Business
  • PCM Full Form in Arabic is: تضمين نبضي مرمز
  • PCM Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Modulación por impulsos codificados
  • PCM Full Form in Chinese is: 脈衝編碼調變
  • PCM Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: துடிப்பு குறி பண்பேற்றம்

PCM Full Form or meaning in Business sector is: Pulse-Code Modulation

PCM or Pulse Code Modulation Pronunciation

PCM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PCM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Personal Call Manager Telecommunication PCM
PAVURCHUTRAM Indian Railway Station PCM
Pento Cyleinic Methyl Chemistry PCM
Powertrain Control Module Electronics PCM
Punch Card Machine Computer Hardware PCM
Phase Change Material Physics Related PCM
Project Cycle Management Business Management PCM
Professional Community Management Business Management PCM
Product Content Management Business Management PCM
Pounds Current Money Measurement Unit PCM
Personal Challenge Manager Job Title PCM
Primary Care Manager Job Title PCM
Playa Del Carmen Airport Code PCM
Professional Certified Marketer Certifications PCM
Pivotal Contact Management Business Management PCM
Price Cost Margin Accounts and Finance PCM
Per Calendar Month Accounts and Finance PCM
Project Cost Model Accounts and Finance PCM
Power Control Mission Space Science PCM
Pressurized Cargo Module Space Science PCM
Professional Crisis Management Business Management PCM
Program Coordination Meeting Military and Defence PCM
Physics Chemistry Maths Academic PCM
Phase Contrast Microscopy Electronics PCM
Power Control Module Electronics PCM
Pacific-rim Conference On Multimedia Electronics PCM
Payments and Cash Management Banking PCM
Please Call Me Messaging PCM
Per Calculated Month Accounts and Finance PCM

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