What is the full form of OMG

OMG Full Form is: Oh my God

  • OMG Category: Messaging
  • OMG  Full Form in Hindi is: बाप रे
  • OMG Full Form in Bengali is: হে ভগবান
  • OMG Full Form in Marathi is: अरे देवा
  • OMG Full Form in Tamil is: கடவுளே
  • OMG Full Form in Telegu is: ఓరి దేవుడా

 Full Form or meaning of OMG in Messaging sector is: Oh my God 


Other Significant Full Form of OMG

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Oh My Goodness Messaging OMG
Operation Market- Garden Military and Defence OMG
Oh My Gosh Messaging OMG
Operational Maneuver Group Military and Defence OMG
Omega Airport Code OMG
Observed Minus Gridded Maths OMG
Object Management Group Information Technology OMG


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