What is the full form of MTA

MTA Full Form is: Message Transfer Agent

  • MTA Category: Military & Defence
  • MTA Full Form in Hindi is: संदेश स्थानांतरण एजेंट
  • MTA Full Form in Bengali is: বার্তা স্থানান্তর এজেন্ট
  • MTA Full Form in Marathi is: संदेश हस्तांतरण एजंट
  • MTA Full Form in Tamil is: செய்தி பரிமாற்ற முகவர்
  • MTA Full Form in Telegu is: సందేశ బదిలీ ఏజెంట్

 Full Form or meaning of MTA in Military & Defence sector is: Message Transfer Agent

MTA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of MTA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Marseilles Training Area Military and Defence MTA
Mail Transfer Agent Information Technology MTA
Microsoft Technology Associate Information Technology MTA
Major Trading Area Computer and Networking MTA
Message Traffic Analysis Military and Defence MTA
Multimedia Terminal and Applications Computer and Networking MTA
Microsoft Transaction Application Programming Interface Softwares MTA
Modular Test Architecture Softwares MTA
MATHELA Indian Railway Station MTA
Multimedia Terminal Adaptor Computer Hardware MTA
Mail Transport Agent Messaging MTA
Magnetic Torquer Assembly Space Science MTA
Maintenance Task Analysis Space Science MTA
Major Test Article Space Science MTA
Marshall Trowelable Ablator Space Science MTA
Mass Thermal Analysis Space Science MTA
Medical Technical Assistant Job Title MTA
Matamata Airport Code MTA
Media Terminal Adapter Computer Hardware MTA
Minnesota Telecom Alliance Telecommunication MTA
Modem Telephony Agent Computer Hardware MTA
Monthly Treasury Average Stock Exchange MTA
Multimedia Terminal Adapter (SG9) Computer and Networking MTA
Military Training Agreement Military and Defence MTA
Major Training Area Military and Defence MTA
Model Turned Artist Messaging MTA



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