What is the full form of ML

ML Full Form is: Millilitre

  • ML Category: Measurement Unit
  • ML Full Form in Hindi is: मिलीलीटर
  • ML Full Form in Bengali is: মিলিলিটার
  • ML Full Form in Marathi is: मिलीलीटर
  • ML Full Form in Tamil is: மில்லிலிட்டர்
  • ML Full Form in Telegu is: మిల్లీలీటర్లు

 Full Form or meaning of ML in Measurement Unit sector is: Millilitre 


Other Significant Full Form of ML

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Mali Country Names ML
Meghalaya Indian State ML
Maximum Likelihood Computer and Networking ML
MALHOUR Indian Railway Station ML
Multi Level Networking ML
Ml Language Source Code File File Type ML
Mobile Launcher Space Science ML
Mono-layer Electronics ML
Middeck Left Space Science ML
Millilambert Measurement Unit mL
Mold Line Space Science ML
Meter Length Measurement Unit ML
Major League Sports ML
Machine Language Computer Assembly Language ML
Make and Link Computer Assembly Language ML
Map List Military and Defence ML
Maintenance Level Military and Defence ML
Military Lightweight Military and Defence ML
Motor Launch Military and Defence ML
Management Level Military and Defence ML
Maneuver Control System Lightweight Computer Unit Military and Defence ML
Martial Law Military and Defence ML


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