What is the full form of LSA

LSA Full Form is: Licensed Service Areas

  • LSA Category: Telecommunication
  • LSA Full Form in Hindi is: लाइसेंस प्राप्त सेवा क्षेत्र
  • LSA Full Form in Bengali is: লাইসেন্সকৃত পরিষেবা এলাকা
  • LSA Full Form in Marathi is: परवानाकृत सेवा रु
  • LSA Full Form in Tamil is: உரிமம் பெற்ற சேவை ரூ
  • LSA Full Form in Telegu is: లైసెన్స్ పొందిన సేవ రూ

 Full Form or meaning of LSA in Telecommunication sector is: Licensed Service Areas

LSA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of LSA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Local Sales Agreement Messaging LSA
Legislative Service Agency Healthcare LSA
Link State Advertisement Networking LSA
Lubricant, Small Arms Military and Defence LSA
Low Specific Activity Chemistry LSA
Lysergic Acid Chemistry LSA
Lightscape Technologies Ascii Data File Type LSA
Launch Services Agreement Space Science LSA
Logistics Support Analysis Space Science LSA
Logistics Support Agency Military and Defence LSA
Losuia Airport Code LSA
Last Section Altered Computer Assembly Language LSA
Latent Semantic Analysis Maths LSA
Limited Speed Arouser Physics Related LSA
Local Security Assistant Job Title LSA
Logistic Support Analysis Military and Defence LSA
Logistics Supportability Analysis Military and Defence LSA
Light-sport Aircraft Sports LSA
Logistics Support Area Military and Defence LSA



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