What is the full form of CDI

CDI Full Form is: Capacitor Discharge Ignition

C = Capacitor 

D = Discharge 

I = Ignition

  • Category: Technology
  • CDI Full Form in Hindi is: संधारित्र निर्वहन प्रज्वलन
  • CDI Full Form in Bengali is: ক্যাপাসিটর ডিসচার্জ ইগনিশন
  • CDI Full Form in Marathi is: कॅपेसिटर डिस्चार्ज इग्निशन
  • CDI Full Form in Tamil is: மின்தேக்கி வெளியேற்ற பற்றவைப்பு
  • CDI Full Form in Telegu is: కెపాసిటర్ ఉత్సర్గ జ్వలన

 Full Form or meaning of CDI in Technology sector is: Capacitor Discharge Ignition


CDI Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CDI

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Category Development Index Business CDI
Conditioned Diphase Interface Networking CDI
Can’t Do It Military and Defence CDI
Classification, Discrimination and Identification Military and Defence CDI
Conventional Defense Improvement Initiative Military and Defence CDI
Center for Defense Information Military and Defence CDI
Cargo Disposition Instructions Military and Defence CDI
Cachoeiro Itapemirim Airport Code CDI
Cyrel Digita Imager Technology CDI
Crest Depository Interest Stock Exchange CDI
Concours De Dressage International Sports CDI
Conditioned Di-phase Military and Defence CDI
Compact Disk Interactive (phillips Cd-i Iff File) File Type CDI
CHANDNI Indian Railway Station CDI
Collector-diffusion Isolation Electronics CDI
Course Deviation Indicator Space Science CDI
Career Development Interview Job Title CDI


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