What is the full form of SAM

SAM Full Form is: Service Access Multiplexer

S = Service 

A = Access 

M = Multiplexer

  • Category: Telecommunication
  • SAM Full Form in Hindi is: सर्विस एक्सेस मल्टीप्लेक्सर
  • SAM Full Form in Bengali is: পরিষেবা অ্যাক্সেস মাল্টিপ্লেক্সার
  • SAM Full Form in Marathi is: सेवा प्रवेश मल्टिप्लेक्सर
  • SAM Full Form in Tamil is: சேவை அணுகல் மல்டிபிளெக்சர்
  • SAM Full Form in Telegu is: సర్వీస్ యాక్సెస్ మల్టీప్లెక్సర్

 Full Form or meaning of SAM in Telecommunication sector is: Service Access Multiplexer

SAM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SAM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Sme Access for Mobile Telecommunication SAM
Storage Application Model Networking SAM
Scalable Adsl (asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) Modem Networking SAM
Surface-to-air Missile Military and Defence SAM
Surface To Air Missile Military and Defence SAM
Super-absorbent Material Military and Defence SAM
Sleep/activity Monitor Military and Defence SAM
Software Asset Management Softwares SAM
Symantec Anti-virus for Macintosh Softwares SAM
Software Adaptation Management Softwares SAM
Safety Argument Manager Softwares SAM
Security Accounts Manager Job Title SAM
Salamo Airport Code SAM
Screen Activated Machine Computer Hardware SAM
Switch Adapted Mouse Computer Hardware SAM
Square Aperture Matrix Physics Related SAM
Send A Message Messaging SAM
Stop Annoying Me Messaging SAM
Secret Admirer of Me Messaging SAM
Store and Move Messaging SAM
Shuttle Attachment Manipulator Space Science SAM
System Activation and Monitoring Space Science SAM
Sun Acquisition Mode Space Science SAM
System Assurance Manage Space Science SAM
Sensor Actuator Module Space Science SAM
Safety and Maintenance Space Science SAM
Service and Accounting Manager Job Title SAM
Security Account Manager Job Title SAM
Self-appointed Manager Job Title SAM
Skills Assessment Manager Job Title SAM
Super Accelerator Machine Physics Related SAM
Social Access Management Business Management SAM
System for Award Management Business Management SAM
Student Alcohol Management Business Management SAM
Student Athlete Mentors Sports SAM
Student Athlete Mentor Sports SAM
Stand Against Me Sports SAM
Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts Sports SAM
Special Airlift Mission Military and Defence SAM
Spin Angular Momentum Chemistry SAM
Scanning Auger Microscopy Electronics SAM
Synthetic Audio Micro Electronics SAM
Substrates, Assembly, and Microsystems Electronics SAM
Self-assembled Monolayer Electronics SAM
Software Asset Maintenance Military and Defence SAM
Special Air Missions Military and Defence SAM
Skill Allocation Module Military and Defence SAM
Salvage All Materials Military and Defence SAM
Scalable Active Management Networking SAM
Samna – Lotus Ami/ Ami Pro Text File File Type SAM
Sofa Artwork Manager Softwares SAM
Sound Audio Motion Softwares SAM
Scheduling and Appointment Minder Softwares SAM



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