What is the full form of PEP

PEP Full Form is: Policy Enforcement Point

  • PEPCategory: Telecommunication
  • PEP Full Form in Hindi is: नीति प्रवर्तन बिंदु
  • PEP Full Form in Bengali is: পলিসি এনফোর্সমেন্ট পয়েন্ট
  • PEP Full Form in Marathi is: धोरण अंमलबजावणी बिंदू
  • PEP Full Form in Tamil is: கொள்கை அமலாக்க புள்ளி
  • PEP Full Form in Telegu is: పాలసీ ఎన్‌ఫోర్స్‌మెంట్ పాయింట్

 Full Form or meaning of PEP in Telecommunication sector is: Policy Enforcement Point

PEP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PEP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Predictability Engineering Planning Military and Defence PEP
PHEPHNA JN Indian Railway Station PEP
Phosphoenolpyruvate Chemistry PEP
Peak Envelope Power Electronics PEP
Positive Enhanced Performance Job Title PEP
Pester Every Person Messaging PEP
Productivity Efficiency and Profits Accounts and Finance PEP
Physical Equivalent Practice Chemistry PEP
Performance Evaluation Profile Space Science PEP
Power Extension Package Space Science PEP
Professional Employer Panel Job Title PEP
Performance Evaluation Program Job Title PEP
People Enjoying People Messaging PEP
Personal Education Partner Job Title PEP
Personal Efficiency Program Job Title PEP
Peppimenarti Airport Code PEP
Propellant Equilibrium Program Space Science PEP
Personalized Exercise Program Sports PEP
Personnel Exchange Program Military and Defence PEP
Productivity Enhancement Program Military and Defence PEP
Power Entry Panel Military and Defence PEP
Production Engineering and Planning Military and Defence PEP
Post Event Plan Military and Defence PEP
Pauli Exclusion Principle Physics Related PEP



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