What is the full form of SPM

SPM Full Form is: Scanning Probe Microscope

S = Scanning 

P = Probe 

M = Microscope

  • Category: Technology
  • SPM Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: অভিবীক্ষণ শলাকা অণুবীক্ষণবিজ্ঞান
  • SPM Full Form in French is: Microscopie à sonde locale
  • SPM Full Acronym Form in Spanish is: Microscopio de sonda de barrido
  • SPM Full Form in Arabic is: فحص مجهري بالمسبار الماسح

SPM Full Form or meaning in Technology sector is: Scanning Probe Microscope

SPM or Scanning Probe Microscope Pronunciation

SPM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SPM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Software project management Information Technology SPM
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Country ISO Code SPM
Session Protocol Machine Networking SPM
Site Project Manager Space Science SPM
Software Programmers Manual Space Science SPM
Space Switch Module Space Science SPM
Sun Photometer Space Science SPM
Sheets Per Minute Measurement Unit SPM
Shots Per Minute Measurement Unit SPM
Suspended Particulate Matter Chemistry SPM
Scanning Probe Microscopy Electronics SPM
Sound Powered Microphone Electronics SPM
Security Program Manager Space Science SPM
Subsystem Project Manager Space Science SPM
Statistical Parametric Mapping Maths SPM
Scanning Probe Microscope Physics Related SPM
Scientific Pest Management Business Management SPM
Security Posture Management Business Management SPM
Property Management Business Management SPM
Sales Performance Management Business Management SPM
Syllables Per Minute Measurement Unit SPM
Spangdahlem Airport Code SPM
Set Program Mask Computer Assembly Language SPM
Scratch Pad Memory Computer Hardware SPM
System Program Manager Military and Defence SPM
Single Port Manager Military and Defence SPM
Special Purpose Machine Military and Defence SPM
Software Performance Monitor Networking SPM
System Performance Monitor Networking SPM
Standard Port Monitor Networking SPM
Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Sports SPM
Self- Propelled Mount Military and Defence SPM
Special Purpose Material Military and Defence SPM
Sleep/performance Model Military and Defence SPM
Wordperfect Data File Type SPM
Software Process Measurement Softwares SPM
Source Package Module Softwares SPM

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