What is the full form of IVR

IVR Full Form is: Interactive Voice Response

I = Interactive 

V = Voice 

R = Response

  • Category: Technology/Communication
  • IVR Full Form in Arabic is: الاستجابة الصوتية التفاعلية
  • IVR Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Respuesta de voz interactiva
  • IVR Full Form in French is: Serveur vocal interactif
  • IVR Full Acronym Form in Chinese is: 互動式語音應答

IVR Full Form or meaning in Technology and Communication sector is: Interactive Voice Response

IVR or Interactive Voice Response Pronunciation

IVR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of IVR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Live Picture Virtual Reality World File Type IVR
Inverell Airport Code IVR
Immediate Value Returned Computer Assembly Language IVR
Initial Voice Report Military and Defence IVR

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