What is the full form of ISDN

ISDN Full Form is: Integrated Services Digital Network

I = Integrated  S = Services  D = Digital  N = Network

  • Category: Technology/Communication
  • ISDN Full  Form in Hindi is: आइएसडीएन
  • ISDN Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: ইন্টিগ্রেটেড সার্ভিসেস ডিজিটাল নেটওয়ার্ক
  • ISDN Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: ஒருங்கிணை சேவை எண்ம வலையமைப்பு
  • ISDN Full  Form in Arabic is: شبكة رقمية للخدمات المتكاملة

ISDN Full Form or meaning in Technology and Communication sector is: Integrated Services Digital Network

ISDN Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of ISDN

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
BRA ISDN Basic Rate Access Computer and Networking ISDN
Integrated Services for Digital Network Telecommunication ISDN
I Still Don’t Need Telecommunication ISDN

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