What is the full form of HD

HD Full Form is: High Definition

H = High 

D = Definition

  • Category: Technology
  • HD Full Abbreviation Form in Chinese is: 高清
  • HD Full Acronym Form in Portuguese is: Alta definição

HD Full Form or meaning in Technology sector is: High Definition

HD or High Definition Pronunciation

Other Significant Full Form of HD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
A Half Degree Educational Degree HD
Half Duplex Networking HD
Harmonised Document Softwares HD
HARDA Indian Railway Station HD
Hahnemannian Decimal Maths HD
Hexagonal Diamond Maths HD
High Desert Earth Science HD
Heavy Density Physics Related HD
A Mustard Agent Military and Defence HD
Harmonic Distortion Military and Defence HD
High Dollar Accounts and Finance HD
High Drag Space Science HD
Heavy Duty Space Science HD
Highly Desirable Space Science HD
Holddown Space Science HD
Horizontal Drain Space Science HD
High Definition Computer Hardware HD
Hard Disk Computer Hardware HD
Hurter Driffield Maths HD
Hausdorff Dimension Maths HD
Highest Divisor Maths HD
Hydrogen Drain Space Science HD
Hundreds of Dollars Measurement Unit HD
Hundred Dollars Measurement Unit HD
Head of Department Job Title HD
Head Delegate Job Title HD
Hall Director Job Title HD
Homeland Defense Military and Defence HD
Home Defense Military and Defence HD
Mustard Gas, Distilled (military Designation) Military and Defence HD
Hardware Design Electronics HD
Horrible and Detrimental Messaging HD
Horse Dung Messaging HD
Hopelessly Deaf Messaging HD
Heavyduty Messaging HD
Heavy-duty Messaging HD

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