What is the full form of CSP

CSP Full Form is: Concentrated Solar Power

C = Concentrated 

S = Solar 

P = Power

  • Category: Technology/Energy & Recycling
  • CSP Full Form in Arabic is: طاقة شمسية مركزة
  • CSP Full Abbreviation Form in Spanish is: Central térmica solar
  • CSP Full Acronym Form in Marathi is: सौर औष्णिक विद्युत केंद्र

CSP Full Form or meaning in Technology and Energy & Recycling sector is: Concentrated Solar Power

CSP Full Form

Concentrated solar power is also known as concentrated solar thermal and uses mirrors and lenses to focus the sun’s rays on a larger area. Once this happens, the energy is converted into heat and used to fuel an engine. The heat from the engine then powers an electrical power generator.

Other Significant Full Form of CSP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Cloud Service Provider Information Technology CSP
Communicating Sequential Processes Information Technology CSP
Converged Service Platform Telecommunication CSP
Continuous Speech Processing Telecommunication CSP
Commence Search Point Military and Defence CSP
Contracting Support Plan Military and Defence CSP
Cryptologic Support Package Military and Defence CSP
Crisis Staffing Procedures Military and Defence CSP
Communications Support Processor Military and Defence CSP
Commercial Space Package Military and Defence CSP
Crystal Server Pages Softwares CSP
C Server Pages Softwares CSP
Cache Server Pages Softwares CSP
Commerce Solution Provider Softwares CSP
Completely Self-protected Computer Hardware CSP
Converged Service Processor Computer Hardware CSP
Chipset Support Package Computer Hardware CSP
Constraint Satisfaction Problem Maths CSP
College Student Personnel Educational Institute CSP
College Success Program Educational Institute CSP
Certified Safety Professional Space Science CSP
Certified Speaking Professional Job Title CSP
Community Service Personnel Job Title CSP
Certified Staffing Professional Job Title CSP
Coordinator Special Programs Job Title CSP
Closed Skill Performance Job Title CSP
Cape Spencer (ak) Airport Code CSP
Certified Safety Professionals Certifications CSP
Certified Scrum Professional Certifications CSP
Certified Snow Professional Certifications CSP
Certified Sales Professional Certifications CSP
Client Side Paradata Database Management CSP
Chip Scale Packaging Computer Hardware CSP
Comfortable Starting Pitch Sports CSP
Code and Signal Publication Military and Defence CSP
Cryptographic Service Provider Military and Defence CSP
Combat Simulator Project Military and Defence CSP
Career Sea Pay Military and Defence CSP
Causeway Section, Powered Military and Defence CSP
Chip Scale Package Electronics CSP
Customer Selected Pin Banking CSP
Chronically Serious People Messaging CSP
Communicating for A Stronger Partnership Messaging CSP
Customer Service Professional Accounts and Finance CSP
Computer Support Program Space Science CSP
Call Service Position Military and Defence CSP
Computer Security Plan Military and Defence CSP
Communications Service Provider Telecommunication CSP
Custom Sim Profile Telecommunication CSP
Callback Service Provider Telecommunication CSP
Client Server Protocol Networking CSP
Cluster Server Package Networking CSP
Pc Emcee Screen Image File Type CSP

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