What is the full form of AR

AR Full Form is: Augmented Reality

A = Augmented 

R = Reality

  • Category: Technology
  • AR Full Form in Arabic is: واقع معزز
  • AR Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: উদ্দীপিত বাস্তবতা
  • AR Full Form in Spanish is: Realidad aumentada
  • AR Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: இணைப்பு நிஜமாக்கம்
  • AR Full Form in Telegu is: అగ్‌మెంటెడ్ రియాలిటీ

 AR Full Form or meaning in Technology sector is: Augmented Reality

AR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of AR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
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Auto-Regressive Computer and Networking AR
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Assistant Referee Sports AR
Autistic Referee Sports AR
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Army Regulation Military and Defence AR
Aspect Ratio Electronics AR
Audio Rate Electronics AR
Automatic Remuneration Banking AR
Assault Rifle Messaging AR
Audit Risk Accounts and Finance AR
Amateur Radio Radio Science AR
Apple River Country Specific AR
Add Rows Computer Assembly Language AR
Address Register Computer Assembly Language AR
Absorptive Region Physics Related AR
Annual Return Accounts and Finance AR
Account Review Accounts and Finance AR
Auto Regressive Accounts and Finance AR
Atmosphere Revitalization Space Science AR
Argon Gas Chemical Formula Ar
Accounts Receivable Job Title AR
Armor Military and Defence AR
Atlantic Resolve (exercise Name) Military and Defence AR
Army Reserve Military and Defence AR
Air Reconnaissance Military and Defence AR
Air Refueling Military and Defence AR
Automatic Recall Computer and Networking AR
Action Required Email AR
Argentina Country Names AR
Asynchronous Request Networking AR
Argon Chemistry Ar
Analytical Reagent Chemistry AR

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