What is the full form of TT

TT Full Form is: Table Tennis

T = Table 

T = Tennis

  • Category: Sports & Games
  • TT Full Form in Hindi is: टेबल टेनिस
  • TT Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: টেবিল টেনিস
  • TT Full Form in Marathi is: टेबल टेनिस
  • TT Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: மேசைப்பந்தாட்டம்
  • TT Full Form in Telegu is: టేబుల్ టెన్నిస్

TT Full Form or meaning in Sports & Games sector is: Table Tennis

TT or Table Tennis Pronunciation

TT Full Form

Table tennis
Mondial Ping - Men's Singles - Round 4 - Kenta Matsudaira-Vladimir Samsonov - 57.jpg
Table tennis at Liga Pro
Highest governing body ITTF
First played 19th century, England, United Kingdom
Contact No
Team members Singles or doubles
Type Racquet sport, indoor
Equipment Poly, 40 mm (1.57 in), 2.7 g (0.095 oz)
Glossary Glossary of table tennis
Olympic Since 1988
Paralympic Since inaugural 1960 Summer Paralympics
Website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

Other Significant Full Form of TT

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
ANSI Translation Type Computer and Networking TT
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Tiny Telephone Telecommunication TT
Two Thousand Stock Exchange TT
Trade Type Stock Exchange TT
Table-tennis Sports TT
Track and Trail Sports TT
Travel Team Sports TT
Tourist Trophy Sports TT
Technology Transfer Electronics TT
Top This Messaging TT
Terrible Twins Messaging TT
Totally Terrific Messaging TT
Talk Time Accounts and Finance TT
Township Treasurer Job Title TT
Teletype Text Computer Assembly Language TT
Transaction Table Database Management TT
Tag Type Database Management TT
Teletype Computer Hardware TT
Techno Terminal Computer Hardware TT
Turn Technology Technology TT
Truth Table Maths TT
Transverse Traceless Maths TT
Two Towers Earth Science TT
Torsion Twist Physics Related TT
Toilet Tissue Real Estate TT
Terminal Timing Space Science TT
Thrust Termination Space Science TT
Total Temperature Space Science TT
Total Time Space Science TT
Time-tagged Space Science TT
Tractor Truckinjobs Job Title TT
Touring Trophy Sports TT
Tee Time Sports TT
Tournament Terrors Sports TT
Tutshill Tornados Sports TT
Time Trial Sports TT
Transfer Type Military and Defence TT
Torpedo Tube Military and Defence TT
Technical Test Military and Defence TT
Task Type Military and Defence TT
Terminal Transfer Military and Defence TT
Tank Table Military and Defence TT
Terrain Type Military and Defence TT
Text Telephone Telecommunication TT
Touch Tone Telecommunication TT
Trouble Ticket Networking TT
TITTE Indian Railway Station TT
Thermal Transfer Chemistry TT
Test Tube Chemistry TT

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