What is the full form of LBW

LBW Full Form is: Leg Before Wicket

L = Leg 

B = Before 

W = Wicket

  • Category: Sports & Games
  • LBW Full Form in Hindi is: लेग बिफोर विकेट
  • LBW Full Form in Bengali is: লেগ বিফোর উইকেট
  • LBW Full Form in Marathi is: लेग बिफोर विकेट
  • LBW Full Form in Tamil is: லெக் பிஃபோர் விக்கெட்
  • LBW Full Form in Telegu is: లెగ్ బిఫోర్ వికెట్

 Full Form or meaning of LBW in Sports & Games sector is: Leg Before Wicket

LBW Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of LBW

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
LAIBURWA HALT Indian Railway Station LBW
Luftsportclub Berlin- West Sports LBW
Load Bank, Water-cooled Electronics LBW
Long Bawan Airport Code LBW
Lost, Beaten, and Walloped Sports LBW



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