What is the full form of OSS

OSS Full Form is: Operational support system

  • OSS Category: Space Science
  • OSS Full Form in Hindi is: परिचालन समर्थन प्रणाली
  • OSS Full Form in Bengali is: অপারেশনাল সাপোর্ট সিস্টেম
  • OSS Full Form in Marathi is: ऑपरेशनल सपोर्ट सिस्टम
  • OSS Full Form in Tamil is: செயல்பாட்டு ஆதரவு அமைப்பு
  • OSS Full Form in Telegu is: కార్యాచరణ మద్దతు వ్యవస్థ

 Full Form or meaning of OSS in Space Science sector is: Operational support system 


Other Significant Full Form of OSS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Operations Support System Information Technology OSS
Open Sound System Information Technology OSS
Open-Source Software Information Technology OSS
Operation Support System Telecommunication OSS
Operations Support Systems Computer and Networking OSS
Omnitrax Switching Services Telecommunication OSS
Microsoft Office Search Result File Type OSS
Operator Services System Telecommunication OSS
Operation Support Systems Telecommunication OSS
Open Source Software Softwares OSS
Openly Stealable Source Softwares OSS
Opera Schedule Server Softwares OSS
Object Services Standard Electronics OSS
Operating Systems Software Softwares OSS
Operating System Switch Softwares OSS
Office of Space Science Space Science OSS
Oh So Social Messaging OSS
Oex (orbiter Experiments) Support System Space Science OSS
Osh Airport Code OSS
Optics Sub-system Space Science OSS
Orbiting Space Station Space Science OSS
Ontario Sire Stakes Sports OSS
Open Source Systems Computer Hardware OSS
Other Stable Shareholders Stock Exchange OSS
Optical Surveillance System Military and Defence OSS
Office of Strategic Services Military and Defence OSS


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