What is the full form of HT

HT Full Form is: Height

  • HT Category: Space Science
  • HT Full Form in Hindi is: ऊंचाई
  • HT Full Form in Bengali is: উচ্চতা
  • HT Full Form in Marathi is: उंची
  • HT Full Form in Tamil is: உயரம்
  • HT Full Form in Telegu is: ఎత్తు

 Full Form or meaning of HT in Space Science sector is: Height

HT Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of HT

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Hyper Threading Information Technology HT
Hypertransport Networking HT
Hyper-threading Networking HT
Data (hyperterminal) File Type HT
Heat Transfer Space Science HT
HOTAR Indian Railway Station HT
Heat Treatment Chemistry HT
Heat Transport Chemistry HT
High Tension Electronics HT
Hatch Team Military and Defence HT
Haiti Country Names HT
Half Time Sports HT
High Technology Space Science HT
Height Measurement Unit ht.
Hand Transceiver Radio Science HT
Home Theater Computer Hardware HT
Hyperthreading Computer Technology HT
Hybrid Technology Technology HT
Hyperthreading Technology Technology HT
Hypothesis Test Maths HT
High-temperature Physics Related HT
Hammer Throw Sports HT
Hyperthreading A Technology Technology HT
Halftime Sports HT
Hard Target Military and Defence HT
Horizontal Technology Military and Defence HT
Handi Talkie Military and Defence HT
Human Terminators Military and Defence HT
High Trajectory Space Science HT
Hull Technician Military and Defence HT
Hit Thrust Military and Defence HT



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