What is the full form of APL

APL Full Form is: Apache Public License

A = Apache  P = Public  L = License

APL Full Form or meaning in the Softwares sector is: Apache Public License

APL Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of APL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Application Program Loader Softwares APL
APPIKATLA Indian Railway Station APL
Aiming Post Light Military and Defence APL
Allowance Parts List Military and Defence APL
Applied Physics Letters Physics Related APL
Assistant Patrol Leader Military and Defence APL
Anti-personnel Land Mine Military and Defence APL
A Programming Language Information Technology APL
Apl Work Space File Type APL
Manugraphics Apl Products Support Module File Type APL
Alcohol Per Liter Measurement Unit APL
Above Poverty Line Country Specific APL
Nampula Airport Code APL
Advanced Physics Laboratory Physics Related APL

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