What is the full form of CCS

CCS Full Form is: Cabinet Committee on Security

  • CCS Category: Security
  • CCS Full Form in Hindi is: केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल की सुरक्षा संबंधी समिति
  • CCS Full Form in Bengali is: নিরাপত্তা সংক্রান্ত মন্ত্রিসভা কমিটি
  • CCS Full Form in Marathi is: सुरक्षा विषयक कॅबिनेट समिती
  • CCS Full Form in Tamil is: பாதுகாப்புக்கான அமைச்சரவைக் குழு
  • CCS Full Form in Telegu is: భద్రతపై క్యాబినెట్ కమిటీ

 Full Form or meaning of CCS in Security sector is: Cabinet Committee on Security 

CCS Full Form 

Other Significant Full Form of CCS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Call Center Service Telecommunication CCS
Common Channel Signaling Computer and Networking CCS
Centa- (hundred) Call Seconds Telecommunication CCS
Carbon Capture and Storage Chemistry CCS
Common Command Set Softwares CCS
Copper Chaperone for Superoxide Chemistry CCS
Custom Credit System Accounts and Finance CCS
Copper Clad Steel Electronics CCS
Credit Card Status Accounts and Finance CCS
Central shoppingmode Control Section Space Science CCS
Cost of Common Stock Accounts and Finance CCS
Current Cost of Supply Accounts and Finance CCS
Complex Control Set Space Science CCS
Central shoppingmode Control Station Space Science CCS
Command and Control System Space Science CCS
Contamination Control System Space Science CCS
Computer Core Segment Space Science CCS
Console Communication System Space Science CCS
Certified Chemoinformatics Specialist Job Title CCS
Central Checkout System Space Science CCS
Customer Care Specialist Job Title CCS
Common Comand Set Computer Assembly Language CCS
Certified Coding Specialist Job Title CCS
Caracas Airport Code CCS
College for Creative Studies Educational Institute CCS
Clip Connection System Computer Hardware CCS
College of Creative Studies Educational Institute CCS
Change shoppingmode Control System Military and Defence CCS
Central Certificate Service Stock Exchange CCS
Championship Cup Series Sports CCS
Combat Communications Squadron Military and Defence CCS
Communications shoppingmode Control Set Military and Defence CCS
Command and Coordination Set Military and Defence CCS
Central Control Ship Military and Defence CCS
Casualty Clearing Station Military and Defence CCS
Combined Chiefs of Staff Military and Defence CCS
Container Control Site Military and Defence CCS


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