What is the full form of RO

RO Full Form is: Reverse Osmosis

R = Reverse 

O = Osmosis

  • Category: Science
  • RO Full Form in Hindi is: उत्क्रम परासरण
  • RO Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: পুনঃঅভিস্রবণ
  • RO Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: எதிர்திசை சவ்வூடுபரவல்

Full Form or meaning of RO in Science sector is: Reverse Osmosis

RO Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of RO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Romania Country Names RO
Recieve Only Telecommunication RO
Red Oxide Chemistry RO
Read Only Physics Related RO
Range Officer Military and Defence RO
Recruiting Officer Military and Defence RO
Resource Operator Job Title RO
Rhett Out Bud Country Specific RO
Results Of Physics Related RO
Rebel Outpost Military and Defence RO
Search Radius Rounded To Next Highest Whole Number Military and Defence Ro
Regional Office Banking RO
Readout Space Science RO
Receive Only Space Science RO
Recovery Operations Space Science RO
Repair and Overhaul Space Science RO
Radar Operator Space Science RO

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