What is the full form of SRM?

SRM Full Form is: Specified Risk Material

  • Category: Rules & Regulations
  • SRM Full  Form in Hindi is: निर्दिष्ट जोखिम सामग्री
  • SRM Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: নির্দিষ্ট ঝুঁকি উপাদান
  • SRM Full  Form in Marathi is: निर्दिष्ट जोखीम सामग्री
  • SRM Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: குறிப்பிட்ட இடர் பொருள்
  • SRM Full  Form in Telegu is: పేర్కొన్న రిస్క్ మెటీరియల్

 Full Form or meaning of SRM in Rules & Regulations sector is: Specified Risk Material


Other Significant Full Form of SRM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Series Revision Model Military and Defence SRM
Standard Reference Material Space Science SRM
Storage Resource Management Networking SRM
Scalable Reliable Multicast Networking SRM
Server Resource Management Networking SRM
Shared Resource Management Networking SRM
Short Range Missile Military and Defence SRM
Sincgars Radio Model Military and Defence SRM
System Reference Manual Softwares SRM
Solaris Resource Manager Softwares SRM
SARNA Indian Railway Station SRM
Summary Review Memorandum Accounts and Finance SRM
Super Rocket Modifications Space Science SRM
Solid Rocket Motor Space Science SRM
Specification Requirements Manual Space Science SRM
Slot Race Manager Job Title SRM
Sandringham Airport Code SRM
Shock Remanent Magnetization Earth Science SRM
Shareholder Relationship Management Stock Exchange SRM
Single Round Match Sports SRM
Standards Related Matters Computer and Networking SRM
Short-range Modem Telecommunication SRM
Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Academic Institutions SRM
Supplier Relationship Management Business Management SRM
System Resource Manager Softwares SRM
Software Requirements Management Softwares SRM

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