What is the full form of PTP

PTP Full Form is: Precision Time Protocol

P = Precision 

T = Time 

P = Protocol

  • Category: Networking
  • PTP Full Form in Hindi is: सटीक समय प्रोटोकॉल
  • PTP Full Form in Bengali is: যথার্থ সময় প্রোটোকল
  • PTP Full Form in Marathi is: अचूक वेळ प्रोटोकॉल
  • PTP Full Form in Tamil is: துல்லியமான நேர நெறிமுறை
  • PTP Full Form in Telegu is: ప్రెసిషన్ టైమ్ ప్రోటోకాల్

 Full Form or meaning of PTP in Networking sector is: Precision Time Protocol

PTP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PTP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Picture Transfer Protocol Networking PTP
Point-to-point Networking PTP
Purchase To Pay Accounts and Finance PTP
Pre-tax Profit Accounts and Finance PTP
Publicly Traded Partnership Accounts and Finance PTP
Propensity To Pay Accounts and Finance PTP
Programmed Turn Phase Electronics PTP
Peer To Peer Electronics PTP
Peak-to-peak Electronics PTP
Perry The Platypus Messaging PTP
Performance Technology Partners Technology PTP
Power Technology Pioneers Technology PTP
Posterior Probability Maths PTP
Phase Transition Phenomena Physics Related PTP
Point-to-point Phone(s) Space Science PTP
Professional Travel Planner Job Title PTP
Professional Tax Planner Job Title PTP
Pointe-a-pitre Airport Code PTP
Paper Tape Perforator Computer Hardware PTP
Paper Tape Punch Computer Hardware PTP
Pay To Play Sports PTP
Preliminary Target Point Military and Defence PTP
Proficient Test Program Softwares PTP
Preliminary Test Plan Softwares PTP
Programmable Text Processor Softwares PTP
PATAL PANI Indian Railway Station PTP
Post-tetanic Potentiation Chemistry PTP


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