What is the full form of NTR

NTR Full Form is: Network Timing Reference

  • NTR Category: Networking
  • NTR Full Form in Hindi is: नेटवर्क समय संदर्भ
  • NTR Full Form in Bengali is: নেটওয়ার্ক টাইমিং রেফারেন্স
  • NTR Full Form in Marathi is: नेटवर्क टाइमिंग संदर्भ
  • NTR Full Form in Tamil is: நெட்வொர்க் நேர குறிப்பு
  • NTR Full Form in Telegu is: నెట్‌వర్క్ సమయ సూచన

 Full Form or meaning of NTR in Networking sector is: Network Timing Reference


Other Significant Full Form of NTR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Netrun Executable Ascii Text File File Type NTR
Network Timing Reference marker Computer and Networking NTR
Network Time Reference Networking NTR
Nuclear Thermal Rocket Space Science NTR
NITTUR Indian Railway Station NTR
None The Richer Messaging NTR
Nonprofit Technology Resources Technology NTR
National Teacher Recruitment Job Title NTR
Monterrey Airport Code NTR
North Texas Region Sports NTR
New Technology Report Technology NTR
New Track Record Sports NTR
Normal Trade Relations Military and Defence NTR
No Test Required Military and Defence NTR
National Transport Rotorcraft Military and Defence NTR


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