What is the full form of NS

NS Full Form is: Network Server

N = Network  S = Server

NS Full Form or meaning in Networking sector is: Network Server

NS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of NS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Netscape Information Technology NS
Nice shot Internet Slang NS
Natural Science Educational Degree NS
Nice Smart Messaging NS
Nice Simple Messaging NS
New Statesman Messaging NS
Non-sale Accounts and Finance NS
Not Sure Space Science NS
Normal Saline Chemistry NS
No Shunt Electronics NS
Network Series Electronics NS
Neue Serie Electronics NS
Nothin Stirrin Messaging NS
Nice and Simple Messaging NS
Nano-second Measurement Unit NS
Non-supervisory Job Title NS
Non Smoker Job Title NS
No Show Job Title NS
North South Country Specific NS
Nickel Steel Space Science NS
Not Switchable Space Science NS
Nuclear Shuttle Space Science NS
Nanoseconds Measurement Unit NS
Non-smoking Real Estate NS
North and South Sports NS
Number of Ships Military and Defence NS
Not Specified Military and Defence NS
Non-standard Military and Defence NS
Next Step Computer Assembly Language NS
Not Supported Computer Hardware NS
Not Significantly Maths NS
Navier-stokes Equations Maths NS
No Shoot Military and Defence NS
No Swap Military and Defence NS
Nuclear Survivability Military and Defence NS
Network Simulator Networking NS
Name Server Networking NS
NARASAPUR Indian Railway Station NS
Not Significant Chemistry NS
Non-symmetric Chemistry NS
Network Services Military and Defence NS
Node Switches Military and Defence NS

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