What is the full form of LS

LS Full Form is: Load Server

  • LS Category: Networking
  • LS Full Form in Hindi is: लोड सर्वर
  • LS Full Form in Bengali is: লোড সার্ভার
  • LS Full Form in Marathi is: लोड सर्व्हर
  • LS Full Form in Tamil is: ஏற்ற சர்வர்
  • LS Full Form in Telegu is: లోడ్ సర్వర్

 Full Form or meaning of LS in Networking sector is: Load Server

LS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of LS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Lossless and near Lossless Computer and Networking LS
Lesotho Country Names LS
Light Seconds Measurement Unit LS
Loop Start Telecommunication LS
Load Save Computer Assembly Language LS
Local Storage Networking LS
Link Similar Networking LS
Liberal Studies Educational Degree LS
Luxury Sport Networking LS
Low Speed Networking LS
Local System Networking LS
Local Scope Networking LS
Level Subroutine Computer Assembly Language LS
Language Support Softwares LS
LASALGAON Indian Railway Station LS
Limit State Electronics LS
Link Server Networking LS
Lots of Stuff Messaging LS
Landing Side Space Science LS
Launch Sequence Space Science LS
Left Side Space Science LS
Life Science Space Science LS
Limit Switch Space Science LS
Lucky Sis Messaging LS
Loansoft Softwares LS
Land Surveyor Job Title LS
Load and Save Computer Assembly Language LS
Longitudinal Section Military and Defence LS
Laser Servo Computer Hardware LS
Lever Switch Computer Hardware LS
Left Solenoid Computer Hardware LS
La Salle Maths LS
Least Squares Maths LS
Large Scale Maths LS
Linear Superposition Physics Related LS
Long Shot Sports LS
Land Sea Military and Defence LS
Long Shen Military and Defence LS
Launch Site Space Science LS



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