What is the full form of GE

GE Full Form is: Gigabit Ethernet

G = Gigabit 

E = Ethernet

  • Category: Networking
  • GE Full Form in Hindi is: गीगाबिट ईथरनेट
  • GE Full Form in Bengali is: গিগাবিট ইথারনেট
  • GE Full Form in Marathi is: गिगाबिट इथरनेट
  • GE Full Form in Tamil is: கிகாபிட் ஈதர்நெட்
  • GE Full Form in Telegu is: గిగాబిట్ ఈథర్నెట్

 Full Form or meaning of GE in Networking sector is: Gigabit Ethernet

GE Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of GE

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Config File (gecho) File Type GE
Greek Extended File Type GE
Generate Environment Softwares GE
Game Engine Softwares GE
General Electric Company Name GE
Germanium Chemistry GE
Grade Equivalent Education GE
Georgia Country Names GE
Gainfully Employed Job Title GE
Grade Equivalency Job Title GE
Gremlin Extraordinaire Job Title GE
Garranty Employment Job Title GE
Greater Than Or Equal Computer Assembly Language GE
General Engineering Military and Defence GE
Group Element Chemistry GE
Gone Elsewhere Messaging GE
Geological Engineer Job Title GE
Geotechnical Engineer Job Title GE
Graphics Editor Job Title GE



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