What is the full form of DDC

DDC Full Form is: Display Data Channel

D = Display 

D = Data 

C = Channel

  • Category: Networking
  • DDC Full Form in Hindi is: डिस्प्ले डाटा चैनल
  • DDC Full Abbreviation Form in Japanese is: VESA显示数据频道
  • DDC Full Form in Italian is: Display Data Channel
  • DDC Full Acronym Form in Russian is: Display Data Channel

DDC Full Form or meaning in Networking sector is: Display Data Channel

DDSC or Display Data Channel Pronunciation

DDC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of DDC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Data Domain Controller Networking DDC
DUM DUM CANT Indian Railway Station DDC
Direct Digital Control Electronics DDC
Dynamic Dimple Composite Computer Hardware DDC
Data Differentiator Code Maths DDC
Duplication, Degeneration, and Complementation Physics Related DDC
Digestive Disease Center Disease DDC
Double Disc Court Sports DDC
Double Delayed Choice Sports DDC
Digital Data Cell Space Science DDC
Detailed Design Consultant Job Title DDC
Dodge City (ks) Airport Code DDC
Display Data Channel Computer Hardware DDC
Division Data Center Military and Defence DDC
Digital Data Channel Networking DDC
Digital Directivity Control Electronics DDC
Dc-to-dc (direct Current) Converter Electronics DDC
Digital Down-converter Electronics DDC
D C-to- D C Converter Space Science DDC
Dependent Day Care Military and Defence DDC
Data Distribution Center Space Science DDC
Defense Documentation Center Space Science DDC

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