What is the full form of CDA

CDA Full Form is: Cluster Development Agent

C = Cluster 

D = Development 

A = Agent

  • Category: Networking
  • CDA Full Form in Hindi is: क्लस्टर विकास एजेंट
  • CDA Full Form in Bengali is: ক্লাস্টার ডেভেলপমেন্ট এজেন্ট
  • CDA Full Form in Marathi is: क्लस्टर डेव्हलपमेंट एजंट
  • CDA Full Form in Tamil is: கிளஸ்டர் மேம்பாட்டு முகவர்
  • CDA Full Form in Telegu is: క్లస్టర్ డెవలప్‌మెంట్ ఏజెంట్

 Full Form or meaning of CDA in Networking sector is: Cluster Development Agent

CDA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CDA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Cd Audio Track File Type CDA
Content Delivery Application Softwares CDA
CHUDA Indian Railway Station CDA
Clean Dry Air Chemistry CDA
Controller Of Defence Accounts Indian Ministry of Defence Organization CDA
Chilika Development Authority Odisha Government CDA
Communications Decency Act of 1996 Telecommunication CDA
Certified Dental Assistant Job Title CDA
Communicative Disorders Assistant Job Title CDA
Cooinda Airport Code CDA
Critical Damping Adjustment Electronics CDA
Copper Development Association Electronics CDA
Cute Dad Alert Messaging CDA
Command and Data Acquisition Space Science CDA
Critical Design Audit Space Science CDA
Compact Disc Audio Computer Hardware CDA
Catalog Data Activity Military and Defence CDA
Cognitive Decision Aiding Military and Defence CDA
Corporate Dental Application Military and Defence CDA



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