What is the full form of CCF?

CCF Full Form is: Concurrency Configuration File

  • Category: Networking
  • CCF Full Form in Hindi is: समवर्ती कॉन्फ़िगरेशन फ़ाइल
  • CCF Full Form in Bengali is: কনকারেন্সি কনফিগারেশন ফাইল
  • CCF Full Form in Marathi is: समरूपता कॉन्फिगरेशन फाइल
  • CCF Full Form in Tamil is: ஒத்திசைவு கட்டமைப்பு கோப்பு
  • CCF Full  Form in Telegu is: కాన్‌కరెన్సీ కాన్ఫిగరేషన్ ఫైల్

 Full Form or meaning of CCF in Networking sector is: Concurrency Configuration File


Other Significant Full Form of CCF

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Critical Combat Function Military and Defence CCF
Conus Contingency Force Military and Defence CCF
Communications Configuration File ( Symphony) File Type CCF
Correctional Custody Facility Military and Defence CCF
Central Clearance Facility Military and Defence CCF
Collection Coordination Facility Military and Defence CCF
Hundred (centa-) Cubic Feet Measurement Unit CCF
Circuit Correction Factor Radio Science CCF
Canada, China, and France Country Specific CCF
Carcassonne Airport Code CCF
Cdma Certification Forum Certifications CCF
Christ’s College Finchley Educational Institute CCF
Carbonaceous Chondrite Fission Physics Related CCF
Correlation Crystal Field Physics Related CCF
Chinese Code Ftp Networking CCF
Cabernet Configuration Files File Type CCF
Cadet Combat Field Military and Defence CCF
Configuration Control File Military and Defence CCF
Combined Cadet Force Military and Defence CCF
Configuration File (os/2 Multimedia Viewer) File Type CCF
Cryptload Container Files File Type CCF
Converter Compressor Facility Space Science CCF

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