What is the full form of ATB

ATB Full Form is: Associative Topology Bus

A = Associative 

T = Topology 

B = Bus

  • Category: Networking
  • ATB Full Form in Hindi is: सहयोगी टोपोलॉजी बस
  • ATB Full Form in Bengali is: অ্যাসোসিয়েটিভ টপোলজি বাস
  • ATB Full Form in Marathi is: असोसिएटिव्ह टोपोलॉजी बस
  • ATB Full Form in Tamil is: அசோசியேட்டிவ் டோபாலஜி பஸ்
  • ATB Full Form in Telegu is: అసోసియేటివ్ టోపాలజీ బస్

 Full Form or meaning of ATB in Networking sector is: Associative Topology Bus

ATB Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of ATB

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
ALATTAMBADI Indian Railway Station ATB
Aged Trial Balance Accounts and Finance ATB
Accounting Terminology Bulletins Accounts and Finance ATB
All the best Internet Slang ATB
All Trunks Busy Telecommunication ATB
Above-ground Telecommunications Backbone Telecommunication ATB
Advanced Technology Bomber Military and Defence ATB
Anti-tank Battalion Military and Defence ATB
Active Time Battle Military and Defence ATB
Advanced Training Base Military and Defence ATB
Aviation Test Board Military and Defence ATB
Atbara Airport Code ATB
Appellate Tax Board Income Tax ATB
All-terrain Bike Sports ATB
All Terrain Boarding Aka Mountain Boarding Sports ATB
All Terrain Bicycle Sports ATB



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