What is the full form of TBC

TBC Full Form is: To Be Confirmed

T = To 

B = Be 

C = Confirmed

TBC Full Form or meaning in Miscellaneous sector is: To Be Confirmed

TBC or To Be Confirmed Pronunciation

TBC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of TBC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
To Be Confirmed Internet Chat TBC
Tuberculosis Diseases TBC
Tool Bar Customization File Type TBC
Trumbull Business College Educational Institute TBC
Trinity Bible College Educational Institute TBC
Texas Baseball Club Sports TBC
Total Body Conditioning Sports TBC
Thomaston Biker Crew Sports TBC
Total Body Confusion Military and Defence TBC
Trinity Baptist College Educational Institute TBC
Tauranga Boys College Educational Institute TBC
Time Before Correction Electronics TBC
Turbo Builders Club (roblox) Electronics TBC
Total Branch Computerization Banking TBC
Terminal Buffer Controller Space Science TBC
Time Base Correction Space Science TBC
Tuba City (az) Airport Code TBC

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