What is the full form of NA

NA Full Form is: Not Available

N = NotĀ 

A = Available

NA Full Form or meaning in Miscellaneous sector is: Not Available

NA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of NA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Sodium Chemistry NA
Network Aspects (ETSI TC) Computer and Networking NA
North America Computer and Networking NA
Nurse Anesthetist Job Title NA
Northern Areas (gilgit Baltistan) Country Specific NA
North American Country Specific NA
Non-adaptive Computer Hardware NA
Numerical Analysis Maths NA
Natural Amber Earth Science NA
Not Active Chemistry NA
Nucleic Acid Chemistry NA
Nitric Acid Percentage In Citrus Juices Chemistry NA%
Numerical Aperture Electronics NA
Not Available Messaging NA
Not Ascertainable Space Science NA
Next Action Space Science NA
Nursing Assistant Job Title NA
Nation Assistance Military and Defence NA
Naval Academy Military and Defence NA
Address Military and Defence NA
Namibia Country Names NA
Not Answered Telecommunication NA
Network Address Networking NA
Neutral Axis Physics Related NA
Non-assessed Real Estate NA
Non-athlete Sports NA
Not Approved Military and Defence NA
Nigeria Army Military and Defence NA
Node Access Networking NA
Network Annihilation Networking NA
Sodium (natrium) Chemistry Na

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