What is the full form of TP?

TP Full Form is: Turn Point

  • Category: Military & Defence
  • TP Full  Form in Hindi is: टर्न प्वाइंट
  • TP Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: টার্ন পয়েন্ট
  • TP Full  Form in Marathi is: टर्न पॉइंट
  • TP Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: திருப்பு முனை
  • TP Full  Form in Telegu is: టర్న్ పాయింట్

 Full Form or meaning of TP in Military & Defence sector is: Turn Point


Other Significant Full Form of TP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Teen Players Sports TP
Tell Position Sports TP
Tournament Pack Sports TP
Triple Point Chemistry TP
Transition Point Chemistry TP
Transaction Processor Networking TP
Team Portal Networking TP
Transfer Protocol Networking TP
Transit Portal Networking TP
Termination Point Networking TP
Tuning Pulser Electronics TP
Top Plate Electronics TP
Turbo Profiler Session-state File File Type TP
Third Party Softwares TP
Total Phosphorus Chemistry TP
Flames Template File (ternion Corporation) File Type TP
Turbo Pascal Configuration File File Type TP
True Position Electronics TP
Training Plan Space Science TP
Transition Period Space Science TP
Tested Positive Messaging TP
Top Posting Messaging TP
Transfer Pricing Accounts and Finance TP
Test Procedure Space Science TP
Time To Perigee Space Science TP
Transformation Procedure Maths TP
Time Polygon Physics Related TP
Turbo Pump Space Science TP
Type Space Science TP
Tracker Processor Space Science TP
Test Port Space Science TP
Teaching Professional Job Title TP
Tidy and Punctual Job Title TP
The Pretender Job Title TP
Tanjiong Pagar Country Specific TP
Twisted Pair Computer Hardware TP
Thermal Printer Computer Hardware TP
Touch Panel Computer Hardware TP
Tuple Production Maths TP
Transforming Principle Maths TP
True Positive Maths TP
Total Porosity Chemistry TP
Test Point Electronics TP
Toroidal Poloidal Physics Related TP
Transmission Projection Physics Related TP
Terrain Polycount Physics Related TP
Top Parcel Real Estate TP
Trade Police Stock Exchange TP
Trade Pending Stock Exchange TP
Target Price Stock Exchange TP
Technique Points Sports TP
Total Penetration Military and Defence TP
Tactical Points Military and Defence TP
Trout Production Sports TP
True Players Sports TP
Tournament Play Sports TP
Triple Play Sports TP
Troll Persistently Sports TP
Target Practice Military and Defence TP
Tentative Preference Military and Defence TP
Turning Point Military and Defence TP
Technical Publication Military and Defence TP
Turn Port Military and Defence TP
Total Package Military and Defence TP
Transition Plan Military and Defence TP
Transport Protocol Military and Defence TP
Telephone Military and Defence TP
Toilet Paper Military and Defence TP
Temporary Pass Military and Defence TP
Transportation Priority Military and Defence TP
Test Protocol Computer and Networking TP
Test Purposes Computer and Networking TP
Transpersonal Psychology Educational Degree TP
Telephone Pole Telecommunication TP
Typical Provider Telecommunication TP

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