What is the full form of TFR

TFR Full Form is: Total Fertility Rate

  • TFR Category: Military & Defence
  • TFR Full Form in Hindi is: कुल उपजाऊपन दर
  • TFR Full Form in Bengali is: মোট উর্বরতার হার
  • TFR Full Form in Marathi is: एकूण प्रजनन दर
  • TFR Full Form in Tamil is: மொத்த கருவுறுதல் விகிதம்
  • TFR Full Form in Telegu is: మొత్తం సంతానోత్పత్తి రేటు

 Full Form or meaning of TFR in Military & Defence sector is: Total Fertility Rate

TFR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of TFR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Too Fast Racing Sports TFR
Trouble and Failure Report Space Science TFR
Team Falcon Racing Sports TFR
Ramadan Airport Code TFR
Temporary Flight Restriction Military and Defence TFR
Terrain Following Radar Electronics TFR
Time From Receipt Military and Defence TFR



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