What is the full form of SRS?

SRS Full Form is: Signature Reference Series

  • Category: Military & Defence
  • SRS Full  Form in Hindi is: हस्ताक्षर संदर्भ श्रृंखला
  • SRS Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: স্বাক্ষর রেফারেন্স সিরিজ
  • SRS Full  Form in Marathi is: स्वाक्षरी संदर्भ मालिका
  • SRS Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: கையொப்ப குறிப்பு தொடர்
  • SRS Full  Form in Telegu is: సిగ్నేచర్ రిఫరెన్స్ సిరీస్

 Full Form or meaning of SRS in Military & Defence sector is: Signature Reference Series


Other Significant Full Form of SRS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Sound Retrieval System Technology General SRS
Search and Rescue Sector Military and Defence SRS
Software Requirements Specification Networking SRS
Shared Registry Service Networking SRS
Sequence Retrieval Software Softwares SRS
Spyware Removal Software Softwares SRS
Simulated Remote Station Space Science SRS
Specification Revision Sheet Space Science SRS
Strontium Sulphide Chemistry SrS
Simple Roleplaying System Sports SRS
System Requirements Specification Space Science SRS
Semi-conductor Reuse Standard Electronics SRS
Synchronous Reactive System Electronics SRS
Support Requirements System Space Science SRS
San Marcos Airport Code SRS
Spine Reduction Software Softwares SRS
Strontium Sulfide Chemistry SrS
Supported Residential Service Telecommunication SRS

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