What is the full form of NAP?

NAP Full Form is: Norwegian Army Protocol

  • Category: Military & Defence
  • NAP Full Form in Hindi is: नार्वेजियन सेना प्रोटोकॉल
  • NAP Full Form in Bengali is: নরওয়েজিয়ান আর্মি প্রোটোকল
  • NAP Full Form in Marathi is: नॉर्वेजियन आर्मी प्रोटोकॉल
  • NAP Full Form in Tamil is: நோர்வே இராணுவ நெறிமுறை
  • NAP Full Form in Telegu is: నార్వేజియన్ ఆర్మీ ప్రోటోకాల్

 Full Form or meaning of NAP in Military & Defence sector is: Norwegian Army Protocol


Other Significant Full Form of NAP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
North American Pairs Sports NAP
National Alliance of Powerlifters Sports NAP
Network Access Protection Networking NAP
Network Address Protocol Networking NAP
Network Access Points Networking NAP
Navigation Analysis Program Space Science NAP
Non-astronomical Program Space Science NAP
Naples Airport Code NAP
Network Access Provider Computer and Networking NAP
Network Application Program Networking NAP
Not Authorized for Pomcus Military and Defence NAP
Not Authorized Prepositioning Military and Defence NAP

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