What is the full form of IR?

IR Full Form is: Internal Replenishment

  • Category: Military & Defence
  • IR Full Form in Hindi is: आंतरिक पुनःपूर्ति
  • IR Full Form in Bengali is: অভ্যন্তরীণ পুনরায় পূরণ
  • IR Full Form in Marathi is: अंतर्गत भरपाई
  • IR Full Form in Tamil is: உள் நிரப்புதல்
  • IR Full Form in Telegu is: అంతర్గత భర్తీ

 Full Form or meaning of IR in Military & Defence sector is: Internal Replenishment


Other Significant Full Form of IR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Indian Railway Indian Government Organization IR
Instruction Register Computer Assembly Language IR
Insert Relation Computer Assembly Language IR
Information Retrieval Softwares IR
International Rendezvous Space Science IR
Iridium Chemistry Ir
Infrared Electronics IR
I Remember Messaging IR
Interest Rate Accounts and Finance IR
Income Ratio Accounts and Finance IR
Inclination of The Ascending Return Space Science IR
Inside Radius Space Science IR
Information Rate Military and Defence IR
Information Requirement Military and Defence IR
Intelligence Requirement Military and Defence IR
Intelligent Remote Computer Hardware IR
Interface Region Computer Hardware IR
Irreducible Representation Maths IR
Installation Restoration Stock Exchange IR
International Relations Educational Degree IR
International Roaming Telecommunication IR
Issue Request Softwares IR
Information Requirements Military and Defence IR
Intermediate Representation Information Technology IR
Iran, Islamic Republic of Country Names IR
Industrial Research Educational Degree IR
Pointer Infrared Pointer Military and Defence IR
Investor Relations Stock Exchange IR
Injured Reserve Sports IR
Incident Record Military and Defence IR


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