What is the full form of GI?

GI Full Form is: General Infantry

  • Category: Military & Defence
  • GI Full Form in Hindi is: जनरल इन्फैंट्री
  • GI Full Form in Bengali is: জেনারেল পদাতিক
  • GI Full Form in Marathi is: जनरल इन्फंट्री
  • GI Full Form in Tamil is: பொது காலாட்படை
  • GI Full Form in Telegu is: సాధారణ పదాతిదళం

 Full Form or meaning of GI in .Military & Defence sector is: General Infantry


Other Significant Full Form of GI

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Game Informer Military and Defence GI
Geomatics and Imagery Military and Defence GI
General Instructions Military and Defence GI
Gram Military and Defence GI
Global Illumination Softwares GI
Global Image Softwares GI
GUDUVANCHERI Indian Railway Station GI
Greatly Increased Maths GI
General Independent Maths GI
Geographical Indication Geography GI
Gross Income Accounts and Finance GI
Giga- (2 ^ 30) Measurement Unit Gi
Iec Symbol Meaning 2^30 (gibi) Measurement Unit Gi
Gains Information Computer and Networking gi
Graded Index Computer and Networking GI
Gibraltar Country Names GI
Government Issue Military and Defence GI
General Inductee Military and Defence GI
God’s Infantry Military and Defence GI
Galvanized Iron Chemistry GI
Great Idea Messaging GI
Guaranteed Issue Messaging GI

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