What is the full form of FR?

FR Full Form is: Full Rate

  • Category: Military & Defence
  • FR Full Form in Hindi is:  पूर्ण दर
  • FR Full Form in Bengali is: পূর্ণ দাম
  • FR Full Form in Marathi is: पूर्ण दर
  • FR Full Form in Tamil is: முழு வீதம்
  • FR Full Form in Telegu is: పూర్తి రేటు

 Full Form or meaning of FR in Military & Defence sector is: Full Rate


Other Significant Full Form of FR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Front Real Estate FR
Formula Racing Sports FR
Fast Recovery Sports FR
Functional Requirement Telecommunication FR
Francium Chemistry Fr
Free Radical Chemistry FR
Field Report Military and Defence FR
Final Report Military and Defence FR
Functional Requirements Military and Defence FR
Federal Register Accounts and Finance FR
Firing Room Space Science FR
Flight Rule Space Science FR
Frame Space Science FR
French Measurement Unit Fr
French Gauge [diameter] Measurement Unit Fr.
French [gauge] Measurement Unit fr.
Father Job Title FR
First Responder Job Title FR
Freiburg Country Specific FR
Forest Row Country Specific FR
Federal Regulation (US) Computer and Networking FR
Frame Relay Computer and Networking FR
France Country Names FR
Fractional Range Maths FR
Fire Resistant Real Estate FR
Floor Rug Real Estate FR
Family Room Real Estate FR
Frequency Response Electronics FR
Financial Responsibility Banking FR
Friend Request Messaging FR
Flat Rack Military and Defence FR
Fielding Runs Military and Defence FR
File Registry Database Management FR
Fujitsu Risc (reduced Instruction Set Computing) Computer Hardware FR
Functional Relation Maths FR

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