What is the full form of CU?

CU Full Form is: Component Units

  • Category: Military & Defence
  • CU Full Form in Hindi is: घटक इकाइयां
  • CU Full Form in Bengali is: কম্পোনেন্ট ইউনিট
  • CU Full Form in Marathi is: घटक युनिट्स
  • CU Full Form in Tamil is: கூறு அலகுகள்
  • CU Full Form in Telegu is: కాంపోనెంట్ యూనిట్లు

 Full Form or meaning of CU in Military & Defence sector is: Component Units


Other Significant Full Form of CU

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Call Up Military and Defence CU
Children’s University Gujarat State University CU
Calicut University Kerala State University CU
Calcutta University West Bengal State University CU
Cross Up Sports CU
Common User Military and Defence CU
Concerned Unit Military and Defence CU
Control Unit Space Science CU
Cubic Space Science CU
Casein Units Measurement Unit CU
Copper Chemistry Cu
See You Messaging CU
Coming Unglued Messaging CU
Cubic Unit Measurement Unit CU
Call Unix Computer Assembly Language CU
Undrain Consolidation Triaxial Test Earth Science CU
Collision Unconformity Physics Related CU
Channel Unit Telecommunication CU
Capacity Utilization Networking CU
CHAGALLU Indian Railway Station CU
Cubic Capacity Military and Defence CU
Common Unit Military and Defence CU
Composite User Computer and Networking CU
See you (later) Internet Slang CU
Cuba Country Names CU

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