What is the full form of CD

CD Full Form is: Customer Direct

C = Customer 

D = Direct

  • Category: Military & Defence
  • CD Full Form in Hindi is: ग्राहक प्रत्यक्ष
  • CD Full Form in Bengali is: গ্রাহক সরাসরি
  • CD Full Form in Marathi is: ग्राहक थेट
  • CD Full Form in Tamil is: வாடிக்கையாளர் நேரடி
  • CD Full Form in Telegu is: కస్టమర్ డైరెక్ట్

 Full Form or meaning of CD in Military & Defence sector is: Customer Direct

CD Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Compact Disc Information Technology CD
Canadian Decoration Military and Defence CD
Conference On Disarmament Military and Defence CD
Combat Development Military and Defence CD
Communication Device Computer and Networking CD
Cairo – Damascus Country Specific CD
Cursor Down Computer Assembly Language CD
Compact Disk Computer Hardware CD
Cluster of Differentiation Maths CD
Collision Detection Networking CD
Compact Disk Description File Type CD
Change Directory Softwares CD
Content Distribution Softwares CD
CHANDRAPUR Indian Railway Station CD
Cadmium Chemistry Cd
Contact Discontinuity Electronics CD
Circuit Design Electronics CD
Critical Dimension Electronics CD
Capacitive Discharge Electronics CD
Charter of Demands Banking CD
Caution Deposit Banking CD
Cash Deposit Banking CD
Convertible Debentures Banking CD
Cross Dresser Messaging CD
Center Director Space Science CD
Change Directive Space Science CD
Coefficient of Drag Space Science CD
Command Decoder Space Science CD
Contractual Data Space Science CD
Candela (luminous Intensity) Measurement Unit CD
Cash Disbursement Accounts and Finance CD
Cash Discount Accounts and Finance CD
Candela Space Science CD
Clusters of Differentiation Maths CD
Computational Dynamics Physics Related CD
Current Disease Disease CD
Classical Dressage Sports CD
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Country Names CD
Channel Delay Telecommunication CD
Connect Direct Telecommunication CD
Counter Drug Military and Defence CD
Control Data Military and Defence CD
Civil Defense Military and Defence CD
Communications Deception Military and Defence CD
Coordinating Draft Military and Defence CD
Cavalry Division Military and Defence CD
Cable Driver Military and Defence CD
Channel Designator Military and Defence CD
Certificate of Deposit Banking CD
Currency Deposit Banking CD
Committee Draft Computer and Networking CD

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