What is the full form of ARM?

ARM Full Form is: Ammunition Requirement and Movement

  • Category: Military & Defence
  • ARM Full  Form in Hindi is: गोला बारूद की आवश्यकता और आंदोलन 
  • ARM Full  Form in Bengali is: গোলাবারুদ প্রয়োজনীয়তা এবং আন্দোলন
  • ARM Full  Form in Marathi is: दारूगोळा आवश्यकता आणि हालचाल
  • ARM Full  Form in Tamil is: வெடிமருந்து தேவை மற்றும் இயக்கம்
  • ARM Full Form in Telegu is: మందుగుండు సామగ్రి అవసరం మరియు కదలిక

 Full Form or meaning of ARM in Military & Defence sector is: Ammunition Requirement and Movement


Other Significant Full Form of ARM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Adp Resources Manager Military and Defence ARM
Advanced RISC Machines Information Technology ARM
Application Resource Manager Computer and Networking ARM
Armenia Country ISO Code ARM
Armidale Airport Code ARM
Anhysteretic Remanent Magnetization Earth Science ARM
Accident Report Meeting Space Science ARM
Associate In Risk Management Job Title ARM
Accredited Residential Manager Job Title ARM
Administrative Resource Management Business Management ARM
Audio Rate Modulation Electronics ARM
Anti-radiation Missile Electronics ARM
Accountable Resource Management Business Management ARM
Alcohol Risk Management Business Management ARM
Atm Router Module Networking ARM
Application Response Measurement Softwares ARM
Annotated C++ Reference Manual Softwares ARM

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