What is the full form of MO

MO Full Form is: Modus operandi

  • MO Category: Messaging
  • MO Full Form in Hindi is: कार्य प्रणाली
  • MO Full Form in Bengali is: কার্যপ্রণালী
  • MO Full Form in Marathi is: मौड ऑपरेंडी
  • MO Full Form in Tamil is: மவுட் ஓபராண்டி
  • MO Full Form in Telegu is: మౌడ్ ఒపెరాండి

 Full Form or meaning of MO in Messaging sector is: Modus operandi

MO Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of MO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Macao, Special Administrative Region of China Country Names MO
Master of Obstetrics Educational Degree MO
Master of Osteopathy Educational Degree MO
Mobile Originated Computer and Networking MO
Modula-3 Object File File Type MO
Mid-deck Overhead Space Science MO
Molecular Oriented Chemistry MO
Metal Oxide Chemistry MO
Molybdenum Chemistry Mo
Molecular Orbital Chemistry MO
Modifier Oxide Chemistry MO
MOHOL Indian Railway Station MO
Magneto-optical Electronics MO
Metal-organic Electronics MO
Money Order Banking MO
Managed Object Telecommunication MO
Major Objective Space Science MO
Manned Orbiter Space Science MO
Manually Operated Computer Hardware MO
Manual Orientation Space Science MO
Manufacturing Order Space Science MO
Mars Observer Space Science MO
Master Oscillator Space Science MO
Managed Objects Military and Defence MO
Mission Operations Space Science MO
Move Space Science MO
Month Measurement Unit MO
Maintenance Operator Job Title MO
Marketing Officer Job Title MO
Micheal Obaras Chemistry MO
Mathematical Operation Maths MO
Moment Physics Related MO
Multi Objective Military and Defence MO
Method of Operation Military and Defence MO
Maintenance Operations Military and Defence MO
Medical Officer Military and Defence MO
Momentum On Space Science MO
Mobility Order Military and Defence MO



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