What is the full form of CH

CH Full Form is: Chapter

  • CH Category: Messaging
  • CH Full Form in Hindi is: अध्याय
  • CH Full Form in Bengali is: অধ্যায়
  • CH Full Form in Marathi is: धडा
  • CH Full Form in Tamil is: அத்தியாயம்
  • CH Full Form in Telegu is: అధ్యాయం

 Full Form or meaning of CH in Messaging sector is: Chapter

CH Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CH

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Ca Clipper Header File File Type CH
Chandigarh Indian Union Territory CH
Contact Handled Electronics CH
Switzerland Country Names CH
Channel Networking CH
Os/2 Configuration File File Type CH
Control H Softwares CH
Chargeable To Hardware Softwares CH
Constraint Handler Softwares CH
Compare HDLC Computer and Networking CH
CHANDAUSI JN Indian Railway Station CH
Sites In Switzerland (confederation of Helvetia) Web Technology ch
Chong Hing Banking CH
Contact Hour Measurement Unit CH
Contact Hours Measurement Unit CH
Cantons De Helvetia (switzerland) Country Specific CH
Certified Hypnotherapist Job Title CH
Clays, High Compressibility (ll>50) Physics Related CH
Component Header Computer Assembly Language CH
Common Hardware Computer Hardware CH
Course Handicap Sports CH
Color Hold Physics Related CH
Continuum Hypothesis Physics Related CH
Contingency Hospital Military and Defence CH
Counter Hit Sports CH
Club De Hockey Sports CH
Champion Sports CH
Controlled Humidity Military and Defence CH
Case Harden Military and Defence CH
Cargo Helicopter Military and Defence CH
Chaplain Military and Defence CH



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