What is the full form of WBC

WBC Full Form is: White Blood Cell

W = White  B = Blood  C = Cell

  • Category: Medical
  • WBC Full  Form in Hindi is: श्वेत रक्त कोशिका
  • WBC Full Abbreviation Form in Bengali is: শ্বেতকণিকা
  • WBC Full  Form in Marathi is: पांढर्‍या रक्त पेशी
  • WBC Full Acronym Form in Tamil is: வெண்குருதியணு
  • WBC Full  Form in Telegu is: తెల్ల రక్తకణాలు

WBC Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: White Blood Cell

WBC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of WBC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
White Blood Count Medical WBC
Westpac Banking Corp Banking WBC
Windward Basketball Club Sports WBC
World Boardgaming Championships Sports WBC
World Boxing Commission Sports WBC
World Biting Council Sports WBC
Weird But Cool Messaging WBC
Wapolu Airport Code WBC
Western Baptist College Educational Institute WBC
World Baseball Classic Sports WBC

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