Arpita 15.01.23 What is the full form of SPD

SPD Full Form is: Sensory Processing Disorder

S = Sensory 

P = Processing 

D = Disorder

  • Category: Medical
  • SPD Full Form in Hindi is: संवेदी प्रसंस्करण विकार
  • SPD Full Form in Bengali is: সেন্সরি প্রসেসিং ডিসঅর্ডার
  • SPD Full Form in Marathi is: सेन्सरी प्रोसेसिंग डिसऑर्डर
  • SPD Full Form in Tamil is: உணர்திறன் செயலாக்கக் கோளாறு
  • SPD Full Form in Telegu is: సెన్సరీ ప్రాసెసింగ్ డిజార్డర్

 Full Form or meaning of SPD in Medical sector is: Sensory Processing Disorder

SPD Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SPD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democratic Party of Germany) Governmental SPD
Serial Presence Detect Telecommunication SPD
Shimano Pedaling Dynamic Sports SPD
Strange Pedal Detachment Sports SPD
System Program Description Military and Defence SPD
Summary Plan Description Military and Defence SPD
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschland Military and Defence SPD
State Price Density Accounts and Finance SPD
Space Physics Division Space Science SPD
Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices Maths SPD
Symmetric Positive Definite Maths SPD
Symmetric Positive Definite Matrix Maths SPD
Solar Physics Division Physics Related SPD
Shimano Pedaling Dynamics Sports SPD
Speed Space Science SPD
Standard Practice Directive Space Science SPD
Saidpur Airport Code SPD
Standard Procedural Database Database Management SPD
Surge Protection Device Computer Hardware SPD
Spatial Discrimination Military and Defence SPD
Speedo Scalable Font File Type SPD
SUPEDI Indian Railway Station SPD
Suspended Particle Device Chemistry SPD
Silicon Photo Diode Electronics SPD
So Positively Demonic Messaging SPD


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