What is the full form of DR

DR Full Form is: DOCTOR

  • Category: Medical
  • DR Full Form in Arabic is: دكتور
  • DR Full Form in Bengali is: ডক্টর
  • DR Full Form in French  is: Docteur
  • DR Full Form in Persian is: دکتر
  • DR Full Form in Telegu is: డాక్టరేట్

DR Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Doctor

DR or Doctor Pronunciation

DR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of DR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Discrepancy Report Computer and Networking DR
Doctorate Educational Degree DR.
Domain Restriction Networking DR
Dynamic Reconfiguration Networking DR
Data Reduction Softwares DR
Developer Release Softwares DR
Development Release Softwares DR
Designated Router Computer Technology DR
DADAR Indian Railway Station DR
Differential Reflectometry Electronics DR
Delayed Rectifier Electronics DR
Design Rationale Electronics DR
Dual Range Electronics DR
Dynamic Range Electronics DR
Debit Banking Dr
Discrepancy Report Accounts and Finance DR
Daily Rate Accounts and Finance DR
Derechos Reservados Accounts and Finance DR
Dead Reckoning Space Science DR
Design Review Space Science DR
Development – Right Space Science DR
Discrete Register Space Science DR
Dispatch Reliability Space Science DR
Disposition Record Space Science DR
Door Space Science DR
Drive Space Science DR
Dynamic Resistance Space Science DR
Dram Measurement Unit dr.
Designated Runner Job Title DR
Doctor Job Title DR
Diminished Responsibility Job Title DR
Director of Romance Job Title DR
Desk Receptionist Job Title DR
Dealer Representative Job Title DR
Data Register Computer Assembly Language DR
Decrement Register Computer Assembly Language DR
Destination Register Computer Assembly Language DR
Delete Relationship Computer Assembly Language DR
Data Recovery Computer Hardware DR
Dual Rotary Computer Hardware DR
Doplicher-roberts Theorem Maths DR
Delta Rotation Maths DR
Double Ray Maths DR
Densified Region Physics Related DR
Direct Reading Physics Related DR
Dining Room Real Estate DR
Dun Runnin Sports DR
Driving Range Sports DR
Drag Racer Sports DR
Deep Runner Sports DR
Die Roll Sports DR
Deep Running Military and Defence DR
Damage Report Military and Defence DR
Data Requirements Military and Defence DR
Detection Radar Military and Defence DR
Direct Reporting Military and Defence DR
Defense Rating Military and Defence DR
Digital Receiver Military and Defence DR
Disaster Relief Military and Defence DR
Damage Reduction Military and Defence DR
Damage Resistance Military and Defence DR
Decoding Room Military and Defence DR

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