What is the full form of DLC

DLC Full Form is: Differential Leukocyte Count

D = Differential 

L = Leukocyte 

C = Count

DLC Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Differential Leukocyte Count

DLC or Differential Leukocyte Count Pronunciation

DLC Full Form  

Other Significant Full Form of DLC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Digital Loop Carrier Computer and Networking DLC
Dynamic Load Control Computer and Networking DLC
Digital Leased Circuit Telecommunication DLC
Dioxin-like Compound Chemistry DLC
Direct Labor Cost Accounts and Finance DLC
Direct Lift Control Space Science DLC
Dalian Airport Code DLC
DALMERA Indian Railway Station DLC
Diamond Like Carbon Chemistry DLC
Dry Liquid Concentrate Chemistry DLC
Dual Listed Company Stock Exchange DLC
Destroy, Liberate, Create Military and Defence DLC
Digital Line Controller Telecommunication DLC
Data Link Control Networking DLC
Distribution Line Carrier Networking DLC
Downloadable Content Softwares DLC

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